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Our Loxone products appeal to 4 of the most important things to your homebuyers:  Health - Comfort - Security - Money.

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As Your Loxone Smart Home Partner,
Midwest Tech Systems will help you through every step in the process.


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Planning & Design
Let our experience in energy efficient planning and design work for you.  We can save you hours of research and have access to special pricing and deals you don't - saving you both time and money.
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Wiring & Installation
Working with your contractors, we will make sure the entire Loxone Smart Home System is wired and installed correctly according to Loxone standards so you don't have to go back and fix mistakes.
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Configuration of Loxone Products
You don't have to be tech savvy.  As your Loxone partner, we will do all of the configurations for you allowing you to focus more on building and development.
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Maintenance, Personalization, & Expansion
We are here to make system updates, changes, and add new features and products to personalize and expand every smart home.

What Is a REAL Smart Home?

Simple Control

No complicated control panels.
The Loxone Touch is so simple anyone can use it.  



The Loxone Smart Home alerts its occupants to potential dangers including intruders, fire, water leaks and threatening weather.
It even turns off appliances and electronics automatically when the home is unoccupied or when it’s time for the kids to go to bed.


Intelligent Energy Management

A Loxone Smart Home minimizes energy consumption by switching off lights and appliances and adjusting temperatures and shades to the level of sunlight in the room.  Saved energy can be used to charge cars or run appliances.  The home’s away mode closes garage doors, turns off electronics and appliances, and activates the alarm system.  Energy savings can be monitored from any smart mobile device.



No external servers.  Every Loxone Smart Home has its own Miniserver which stores sensitive data within the privacy of the home.  The Loxone Miniserver Go uses ethernet or Loxone Air Technology to communicate and is designed to expand and grow with the home.


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