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At Midwest Tech Systems we understand the value of providing home buyers and builders with energy efficient homes. That's why we teamed up with Loxone to provide real smart home products.  As your Loxone partner, we are committed to maintaining your Loxone system, offering the latest in products and system updates.  Our services include:

 Personalized, Stress-Free Planning and Design
 Ensuring correct installation of wiring and Loxone Air products.
 System configuration according to Loxone standards.
 Ongoing support and essential software updates.
 Access to the latest in Loxone products to keep features fresh and exciting.

Testimonials from Actual Loxone
Smart Home Owners


"Everything switches off when I leave....it's amazing how much time is saved when you don't have to remember the little things."
~ Tina

"My Loxone partner lets me know about new features and they update my system remotely, which is much more convenient and means I don't have to deal with the technology myself."
~ Mario

"...a Loxone Smart Home gives the house the added 'wow' factor, with our guests surprised when the lights, music and blinds work automatically without us touching any controls or apps!"
~ James

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(417) 736-9573

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